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know your priorities 
am i even a priority to you
your friends are more important to you than I am
I’m trying not to be clingy but I obviously need some of you..
i’m obviously not mature enough for relationships

I’m actually the worst with relationships. I always want to make my boyfriend happy but that just makes him spoiled and in return I don’t get anything back. I don’t know what logic that is but it always happens to me. I’m such a suck up and I’m so lenient. I really feel like it’s one sided and it really sucks
I’m the worst.

I’m such a cry baby

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^he’s my fave

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I give anyone permission to slap me in the face right now, pls

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I feel like people like me shouldn’t be single, or else I’ll screw everyone over.

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Not even gonna lie, I miss you soo much. But you’re a jerk. But I can’t stop thinking about you. But I don’t want to because you aint right fo me (h)

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